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Our high density tungsten heavy alloys are made from virgin powders, using modern powder metallurgy techniques.
We aim for quality and excellent communication in our work, priding ourselves on our specialist experience and knowledge.

About tungsten:

Tungsten can be machined with little difficulty, and is a high density metal, being 65% denser than lead. It has a high softening temperature, as well as low thermal conductivity and a low coefficient of expansion, giving it a high resistance to thermal fatigue. It is strong at high temperatures and has a high thermal stability.

Tungsten alloys are ductile and resistant to cracking, despite their strength. They prove more resistant against acid than stainless steel and are thus ideal in hostile environments, with no risks to health.

Tungsten is 1.5 times more effective than lead against gamma rays and X-rays.

Our tungsten alloy grades and their typical applications:

TAM 1000: tooling, radiation shielding and static balancing

TAM 2000: radiation shielding and static balancing

TAM 3000: dynamic balancing

TAM 3925: ballast and balancing

TAM 3930: dynamic balancing

TAM 3950: ballast and balancing

TAM 3970: ballast and balancing

TAM 4000: casting dies, riveting dollies and electro and upset forging

Read about the speciality metals we can supply here. Don't forget, we regularly produce other grades to suit customers' exact requirements, so get in touch with us as soon as possible.
Quality tungsten alloys - London, England - Ultimate Metals - Tungsten suppliers
Alloy metals suppliers - London, England - Ultimate Metals - Tungsten
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